Indoor Pool Conditioner

Swim Comfortably
with a Nordic Indoor Pool Conditioner

Does your indoor pool create a humid, uncomfortable environment?  Say goodbye to excess moisture and hello to year-round swimming enjoyment with a Nordic Indoor Pool Conditioner.

The Perfect Solution for Indoor Pool Climate Control

These systems are a multi-functional marvel, acting as:


Effectively removes excess moisture from the pool room air, preventing condensation and creating a more comfortable atmosphere.

Air Conditioner:

Maintains a cool and refreshing pool room temperature, ideal for year-round swimming enjoyment.

Pool Heater:

Extracts heat removed from the air and efficiently transfers it back to your pool, reducing heating costs.

Why Choose Nordic?

Energy Efficiency:
Our heat pump technology recovers heat for pool heating, significantly reducing energy consumption compared to traditional methods.

Improved Comfort:
Enjoy a comfortable pool room environment free from excessive humidity and temperature extremes.

Corrosion Resistance:
Coated air coils and a titanium heat exchanger ensure long-lasting performance in a pool environment.

Quiet Operation:
These systems operate at low noise levels, creating a more peaceful poolside experience.

Create Your Ideal Indoor Pool Oasis

A Nordic Indoor Pool Conditioner allows you to transform your indoor pool into a haven of relaxation and comfort.