Side Discharge Air Conditioners

Beat Space Limitations
with Side Discharge Air Conditioners

These air conditioners offer a unique solution for homeowners facing installation challenges or seeking potential efficiency benefits. Unlike traditional top discharge units that vent hot air upwards, side discharge units expel heat horizontally from the side. This innovative design unlocks several advantages, making them a compelling choice in specific situations.

Let's explore the key benefits of Side Discharge Air Conditioners:

Space-Saving Benefits:

Installation Flexibility: Say goodbye to restrictions! Side discharge units excel in locations with limited vertical space. Their horizontal venting allows for placement beneath decks, awnings, or anywhere with restricted overhead clearance.

Compact Design Potential: In some cases, the lack of a dedicated top vent translates to a slightly smaller footprint for side discharge AC units. This can be a game-changer in tight spaces where every inch counts.

Potential Efficiency Gains (Remember, Installation Matters):

Reduced Airflow Obstruction: Depending on the installation, side discharge ACs might benefit from less potential blockage of hot air exhaust compared to top discharge units. This could theoretically lead to slightly improved efficiency. However, proper installation and maintaining clearance for optimal airflow are critical for both unit types.

Considering Side Discharge AC Units? Here's More:

Noise Considerations: While modern AC units prioritize quiet operation, side discharge units might generate slightly more noise directed towards the side of the house compared to top discharge models.

Plant Protection: The hot air exits laterally. Remember to maintain a safe distance from plants or landscaping to avoid heat damage.

Who can benefit from Side Discharge AC?

Homes with Limited Vertical Space:
Their flexible installation makes them ideal for areas with restricted overhead clearance.

Potential Airflow Obstruction Concerns:
If there might be obstacles blocking the airflow from a top discharge unit, a side discharge model could be a solution.

Comfort Pro can assess your specific needs and installation location to determine if a side discharge air conditioner is the most suitable option for maximizing comfort and efficiency in your home.