Bryant Preferred™ 2- Stage Air Conditioner with Intelisense™ Technology

  • High-Efficiency Cooling: Experience industry-leading efficiency ratings up to 16 SEER2 and 13 EER2, translating to significant energy savings on your cooling bills.
  • Smart System Monitoring: InteliSense™ technology keeps a watchful eye on your system’s performance, providing valuable data to your dealer for proactive maintenance and ensuring optimal operation.
  • Consistent Comfort with Savings: The two-stage operation delivers extended low-stage cooling cycles, maximizing comfort and efficiency.
  • Enhanced Dehumidification: Enjoy a cooler and more comfortable environment with superior dehumidification capabilities, especially beneficial in humid climates.
  • Quiet Operation: This air conditioner operates at whisper-quiet levels as low as 70 decibels, ensuring a peaceful home atmosphere.
  • Improved Air Quality: Breathe easier with features that contribute to improved indoor air quality.
  • Smart Home Integration: Pair your air conditioner with an ecobee® smart thermostat powered by Bryant for remote access, energy monitoring, and a seamless user experience.
  • Durable Protection: The DuraGuard™ Plus protection system safeguards your investment against harsh weather conditions.
  • Environmentally Friendly: Bryant utilizes Puron® refrigerant, a sustainable choice that protects the ozone layer.
  • Peace of Mind: Backed by a 10-year parts limited warranty upon registration, you can be confident in your Bryant Preferred™ Air Conditioner.


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